Covid Booster and James Bond

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3 min readJun 30, 2022


….and sleep

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Covid is on the rise again. New variant.
I had held off on a second booster because I honestly believed we were on our way out of this mess. But with constant mutations and re-infections (not the flex people who have been infected more than once think it is), we are still in the thick of this giant cluster fuck.

People at my place of employment are dropping out of circulation for a whole week, some two, because the virus says so.

So I gave in and took my second booster. I resisted the second booster because it takes a day out of my life. It makes my body think it’s been invaded by the virus and kicks into full reactive mode.

My eyes feel heavy. My muscles feel weak. I don’t much feel like eating. So I rest. (I write this as I am starting to feel these side effects all at once.)

Watching old movies is what will help me pass the time while my body acclimates and allows it to recognize the mRna that will hopefully keep the real virus from making me too ill or even take my life if it ever does find me.

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Luckily, Amazon Prime has purchased the entire 007 franchise. I will soon lay in bed and watch the Sean Connery chapters. Connery is my favorite James Bond. Daniel Craig is a close second.

There is something comforting about James Bond movies. Maybe it’s the simplistic theme: bad guy vs good guy. Good guy wins. This is perhaps just the type of story line I need to help me deal with the shit show we are living.

If only James Bond had been in Wuhan in 2019 or in Washington, D.C. in January of 2021, or in Uvalde last month, we might only be talking about the current heat wave, and not much else. (I certainly would not be feeling the after effects of a booster vaccine for a virus that the world would never have known).

So I will escape to a world where James Bond keeps SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) in check. It seems that all of today’s bad guys would gladly belong to SPECTRE.

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I will let the 2nd COVID vaccine booster do its thing while I dream of a world where James Bond speeds around in his Sunbeam Alpine, or his Bentley Mark IV or his Aston Martin DB5 and keeps us safe from the greedy and violent power-hungry monsters.

I expect to sleep on and off while I watch these classic movies. I also know the world will be safe at the end of each 007 installment, as I will be safe at the end of my day vaccine side effects.



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