The Monarch Butterfly effect

A Calm Theory

maité landa
2 min readSep 14, 2022


Photo by maité landa

A tornado of thoughts, fears and worries creates chaos in my brain.

My chest tightens. My head becomes dizzy.

I walk outside and let the Sun kiss my face. She comforts me with her warm embrace.

Eyes closed, I allow the Sun to shower my whole body with her rays.

My feet are now firmly on the ground.

Eyes opened, I see a Monarch butterfly drinking nectar from a Red Bird of Paradise. I watch her as she flaps her beautiful wings of orange, brown, white and small specs of yellow.

The butterfly dances from one flower to another. Then another. And another.

I stand in the same spot, sun still caressing my face, I inhale deeply, exhale fully, focused only on the butterfly. Her elegant wings and graceful posture hypnotize me.

She is blissfully unaware of my presence. Unaware that the flutter of her wings is calming a storm, not creating it.

Without warning, she flies away and is gone taking with her the pollen from one flower only to deposit it in another. Creating more beauty, not chaos.

Eyes closed, I feel my chest loosen. My head is steady. I inhale deeply, exhale fully.

The effect of a brief moment shared with a Monarch Butterfly brings me back to life.



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