Writing on a train in Norway

(virtually, of course)

SlowTv On PlutoTv photo by Maite Landa

The internet is a wondrous universe of information and entertainment -with its many streaming options- that provides us with the opportunity to learn and see things and places we might never be able to learn and see in person.

I like to ride a train in Norway as John Coltrane (sometimes Johann Sebastian Bach) plays for me. This is where I write.

SlowTv On PlutoTv photo by Maite Landa

No, I don’t live in Norway. No, I don’t actually ride trains in Norway.

I stream “SlowTv” channel on PlutoTv (a free streaming service), play Coltrane or Baroque Classics on Spotify (also free, but I pay for the luxury of creating my own playlists). I sit with my laptop on, well, my lap and tap away a the keyboard. I peripherally see the Norwegian countryside in winter, then spring. I see the snow then the forests, and then as the train goes through tunnels-not unlike I would if I was actually on the train as I wrote.

I have come to love Norway. Maybe one day I will visit and take a real train ride. I’ll be sure to take my laptop and my earbuds.



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maité landa

GenXr. Coffee snob. Gardener. I know a little bit about a lot of things. Love Stephen King novels, John Coltrane and Golden Girls (plus a lot of other stuff).